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A client right here in Placer County once told us that he wanted a pine fencing system built along the back boundary of his property. Unaware of our service, he tried to call a rival fencing company but ran into some difficulty along the way.

The previous company he tried to call was well-established and had been in business for years, but due to poor customer service–and an incorrect phone number that sent the client on a hunt–they were unable to meet our client’s needs. He was transferred from one department to another (and back again) before someone finally answered his call. The representative he spoke to was unhelpful and seemed put off by the inquiry when he got through. It wasn’t long before our client gave up and contacted us instead.

Within minutes of calling us, he had a Granite Bay Fencing Company representative on the line who arranged for one of our technicians to visit him at his home for an estimate. When we sent out our technician, he was greeted with a friendly smile and an offer of refreshments. Our client was impressed by how well our employees treated him and appreciated the prompt service we provided.

Without delay, we designed and submitted a custom fencing plan to meet his unique needs. There were no hidden costs or extra fees–just pure customer satisfaction. Our technicians worked through the weekend to complete the job–and even helped our client with his yard cleanup.

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If you are looking for a new fence company in Granite Bay, CA or have an inquiry, contact us today! We work in pine and cedar fencing, redwood fencing, metal fencing, and vinyl fencing. All of these materials can be orchestrated at our will to ensure your needs are met.

We can easily install wire mesh snake fencing, driveway gates, decorative wrought iron fencing, and ornamental aluminum fencing. Our technicians are here on-site to answer your questions and help with the design process.

Fences offer you solitude, safety, and beauty for your property. There are so many options for color and style that you won’t have a problem figuring out what’s appropriate for you. We’re happy to help with any type of fence installation project! For many years, we have served Placer County with high-quality fence solutions. We’ve got a lot of experience in the area of fence construction. If you’re searching for seclusion, protection, or simply a beautiful fence to admire, give us a call now. We can help you with any sort of fence you want!

And please don’t worry about your property! We love this area and treat everyone’s yards with the utmost respect. Also, we will gladly answer any questions you may have and provide a free estimate for any job. Call us today!

Contact Granite Bay Fence Company at (916) 823-9811 to speak with one of the professional service representatives about your fencing project today.

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